Real People. Real Questions.

How 21Q Works

21Q is a free online meeting app, that uses a question-based game to start real conversations with real people. We give you more tools to assess a curated list of matches, faster, so you can save time swiping through people who aren’t a fit for you and spend more time getting to know the ones who are. Designated zones state your intentions up front: dating, making friends, casual encounters or meeting up with other couples.


 Play The Game
Without Mind Games


Cut through the pleasantries and talk about something real. 21Q’s question game is like fast-forwarding the conversation about an hour in, so you can bypass the “WHALE HELLO THERE” GIFs and get to know one another quickly.


 Different Zones for Different Intentions


Friend Zone: Looking for others in a non-romantic way.
The Search: Where ‘The One’ awaits you.
No Strings Attached: Casual encounters where you set the rules.
Couples Connect: Meet other couples for dinner parties, game nights and mountain hikes.


 Combat Swiping Fatigue


21Q creates a curated list of matches for you based on your interests, in addition to proximity, This means less time swiping, and more time talking to the right people.


 Hear Their Voice


We’ve included a voice audio clip so you can hear your potential matches and make better judgments on whether they’re a fit for you. Personality traits, emotional state, sex appeal, health—these are all subtle hints that can be revealed when listening to someone’s voice.