Meet 21Q – Where real connections are made


Here at 21Q we believe in people. We believe in the thousand little differences that make each of us wonderfully unique – and we believe that real connections are what make life so amazing.

The way that they are designed, dating apps need to remove uniqueness, to fit us into a neatly packaged box to work within an algorithm that ignores the individual. Other apps force you into a numbers game, demanding constant engagement to meet the demands of their algorithm. 
In fact, other app algorithms have much more in common with a social media site, designed more for the purpose of dopamine driven instant reward and keeping user numbers high, rather than finding your perfect match. That’s why real connections, connections that last and are meaningful, happen only by chance on dating apps.

We knew that we could do better!


Taking the human approach


The 21Q App was built to solve all of the frustrations and shortcomings of dating Apps. Our sole focus was on building the perfect App with one goal – providing meaningful connections.

At every stage of development we constantly looked at user experience and the areas where other Apps fell down. Our own personal experience and disappointment when using dating Apps helped to inform the development of 21Q and our philosophy of putting people first set us on providing a vastly different platform. We saw that so much of the human experience had either been missed or removed from dating apps, making it that they couldn’t possibly deliver anything meaningful. 21Q doesn’t rely on proximity for matches; we match you with people who share the same interests as you and live in the same city. We never share your ‘distance from’ our data because we believe that isn’t a helpful metric.  

We also knew that not everyone is at the same point in their life, people are looking for very different types of connections, and that’s why we separated our app into four distinct zones so that you find exactly what you’re looking for and don’t waste your time on potential matches who are not on the same page as you.


The Friend Zone is for those who are looking for non-romantic friend matches to expand their social circle with people who share their interests.

The Search is for those people who are looking for love and long-term commitment

No Strings Attached is exactly what it sounds like – all fun and no commitment!

Couples Connect is for couples looking to expand their social circle with other couples that enjoy the same interests. 


Losing the awkwardness


Everyone knows the awkwardness of trying to break the ice with a match on dating apps – it’s excruciating. How do you pitch it? Stay cool and breezy or fire up the comedy? You could always search online for the hundreds of suggestions of guaranteed icebreaking gold. Here’s the thing though, none of them help you make real connections and none of them lead to you learning anything about each other.

With 21Q all of those painful interactions are a thing of the past.  

When you match with someone, we get the ball rolling with a game of 20 questions. Well actually 21 questions but we’ll get to that final question in a minute. Each user answers 10 questions from one of our specially curated questions packs. The questions have been carefully selected to keep conversations interesting and fun, and works not only as a great icebreaker, but also gives you the opportunity to get to know the other person without feeling like you’re pulling teeth.

So, onto that last question. It can be difficult to know when and how to move to the next step. With 21Q it’s all part of our questions game. That 21st question comes at the end and will ask both of you the same question that relates to the zone you’re in. For example, “Do you want to grab a coffee with Alex?” No more awkwardness or sweating on when to take the next step.


How it works?


It couldn’t be easier. Simply download the App from the IOS App store and either login with Facebook or your phone. Upload your profile picture. Answer 21 questions about yourself, select your zone and then start swiping on your carefully curated list of matches. Then 21Q guides you through everything else. Oh and did we mention that it’s completely free? 100% free!

Life’s magical moments are all about those meaningful connections – when we find another human being and recognize something inside them. That’s exactly what 21Q is for, bringing people together and helping them find those perfect moments.