The Origin Story


Ask anyone if they enjoy online dating and social meeting apps and you’ll be met with a groan. The universal experience is a crappy one, but apps are the reality of our daily lives. Workplaces have shrunk, communities have disappeared and simultaneously cities are swelling with people you don’t know. We’re all strangers in this thing together, and as such, we need a way to get to know people, for dating, friendships and business.

Our Gripes with Today’s Apps

Current platforms set you up for conversations with the bare minimum and put all the pressure on the introduction. Do you just say “Hi,” do you open with a compliment, a question based on a few profile photos (“So, you like...hiking?”), a story about what your dog ate yesterday (it was a bumble bee, it did not go well), an oft-repeated GIF, or brutal unadulterated honesty? “I think your photos are nice and I know nothing about you, but I’d like to so maybe if we’re a fit emotionally and physically one day we can get married and go for walks with my dog.”

Questions are the secret sauce to getting to know someone.

21Q’s game of questions helps you get to know people quickly, and them you. The question packs reveal aspects about personal character that otherwise might not come up in the preamble of back-and-forth introductions, questions you haven’t even thought about yourself—all of this strengthens the discovery process, so you can feel ready to make quicker decisions about meeting up with quality people you’re excited about, in real life.

“I Love Endlessly Swiping Through Profiles,” Said No One, Ever

You, like all of us trying to earn a living and have lives, don’t have endless hours to spare for swiping through thousands of matches one-by-one that aren’t a fit for you. That’s probably one of the biggest factors in swipe fatigue. Instead, 21Q serves up curated matches based on your data, so you’re viewing a better list of matches and have more tools to vet them faster (like question packs, voice audio clips and designated zones that state what you’re looking for up front).

We’ve been there, we’ve done that online meeting app, and we wanted to create something better.

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The team at 21Q