If you ever told someone from the 1960s that in 2020, businesses are forced to adapt to the digital world and human physical interaction is limited to very little or none, they most likely wouldn’t believe you because they won’t even know what digital means. With that in mind, people are making new connections with each other and reconnecting with old friends and family. This is an era where we are seeing a surge of users on dating or social apps. (Thank god for the technology!) But with the good comes the bad. Meeting someone online can also be dangerous and we want to share safety tips on how you can be safe while having fun in your first time meeting.

1. Don't share your personal information too fast.

This one is easier said than done. Small but important information would easily come up in a conversation like each other’s birthdays, your full name, or what you usually like doing on a daily. We recommend for you to get a feel of the person as much as possible. Let them earn your trust and when you feel comfortable and confident about this person you’re talking to, let loose.


2. We give you permission to snoop.

We don’t want you to be that crazy ex-girlfriend/boyfriend or ex-friend who snoops around but sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures! Before meeting someone, it might be good to check out their social media accounts and get a glimpse of who they are and what they’re about. We wouldn’t want you to invest in any kind of relationship if it leaves you in a bad situation.


3. Phone or Video call is next to best.

Yes, phone calls are still a thing and you should hop on the old but sturdy train! Too weird? Is it almost like we’re traveling back in time? You’re probably thinking, “Who calls people on the phone nowadays?”. Well, for you tech-savvy individuals, we suggest you use video calls whether through FaceTime or Zoom. Might we mention, it will save you from being “cat-fished”. By verifying if the person on the other line is actually them and vice versa, you or they can quickly make a decision whether you want to meet up or not. Lucky for us with the quarantine in place, it’s the new normal and people are already onboard.

You can get creative with video calls such as teaching each other how to cook your favorite meals and eating them together! There are tons of activities you can do online like using Game Gal to generate random words to play Pictionary or Charades from Psycat Games.


4. Pick public places to meet and backup locations.

When you both decide you guys want to meet in-person, pick public places and back-up locations just in case the first one didn’t pan out exactly as you intended. You can also choose to do daily activities over the bar or some nighttime drinks. You might learn a thing or two more about a person you’re hanging out with by playing in an escape room or paint-balling or whatever mutual hobbies you might have with one another. You can also ask a friend to watch from a distance but would you really want to bring someone you know and watch you go on a date with someone you’re meeting for the first time? That being said, that brings us to our next trip.

5. Tell someone when, where and who you’ll be meeting.

No matter who it is, let someone know your whereabouts and a little bit of information about the person you’ll be meeting. Another way is giving your live location to your friends and family through Snapchat.


6. Use safe words if the date is making you feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

There may be safe words in your area, wherever you’re going, you can call the business if they have a safe word. In Tampa Bay, there is a bar you can ask for an “Angel Shot” to indicate to the bartenders you want out of that date.